Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where to Buy Animetic eyes for Dollfie Dream

Volks USA
This should be your first stop- they have a great selection of familiar styles and colors
18-24mm, $11

Volks Intl
The same selection of styles as Volks USA, but a bit easier to compare.
18-24mm, 1029 yen

Twin Snow
Canada-based creator. Their eyes are made of a plastic base and lens with a printed iris, similar to Pupapa's eye base. Some examples with my own dolls here.
22-24mm, $20+

Cool Cat
Nice alternative to Volks, cheap shipping is a plus
22mm, $11

SQ Lab
Carries their own line of resin eyes
22mm, $15

Leeke World
A bit pricey for the Glib chara eyes
20mm $12, 22mm $13

The Junky Spot
They carry Glib, Hujoo and Parabox eyes in smaller sizes
20mm, $9-11

Has their own line of stylized eyes
20mm, $9-11

Dollfie World
Sells Volks goods at markup, also carries some custom-made eyes
20mm-24mm, $14-18

Their line of Bling eyes is quite diverse but pricey, watch for annual sales
12-22mm, $22

Ersa Flora
Custom anime eyes, can also manufacture eyes to order
8-22mm, $15

Pupa Paradise
D Eye Y bases can be used to make your own custom eyes
10-24mm, $1.80

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